The Darden & Wells Story

A Delicious Act of Kindness since 1957

Darden & Wells

It is about the ingredients. Every good chef will tell you that if you have the right ingredients you can create something enjoyable to eat. But finding the right ingredients to make a perfectly delicious result may take a lifetime.

Darden & Wells Toffee has perfected the art of delicious results. After nearly 60 years of making toffee for friends and family they’ve discovered that the key ingredient to achieve perfection comes not from the grocery store shelf but from partnership, friendship and love for their fellow man. Generations of families have grown up on Darden & Wells Toffee not because they sought to buy it but because they were loved by two wonderful ladies named Mabe and Jo.

Mabe and Jo began their friendship in college and throughout their lives have remained a source for love and friendship for their friends, their friend’s children and grandchildren. Since 1956 Mabe and Jo have prepared their perfectly delicious toffee and gifted it to close friends, family and members of their church congregations. And every year each recipient opened their tin of toffee and experienced the buttery sweet and loving flavor of a simple and Delicious Act of Kindness.

Mabe & Jo

Darden & Wells Toffee is homemade the old fashion way, taking every step that Mabe and Jo have followed for years. We only use the very best ingredients and the exceptional flavor is the result. Toffee is often molded into shapes though the touch of home is felt most in toffee that is hand broken, it makes every bite that much more inviting. We do all that is possible to bring to you toffee that is priced competitively without sacrificing quality and the delicious flavor.

The pecans used in our toffee are the finest quality new crop pecans. They are handpicked with a combination of the state of the art equipment used to shell and slice to the right size for the perfect texture in every bite of toffee.

When the pecans become a part of the toffee mix they are infused with the butter, sugar, and other ingredients to form a very subtle flavor that has been perfected over the years. We don’t put pecans on top of the chocolate in our toffee because unless they are mixed together the resulting flavor is different. The exceptional quality that keeps you wanting more is the result of this home made process.

Darden & Wells

It is not unusual to find toffee with nuts covering the chocolate instead or in addition to having the nuts integrated into the toffee itself. The Darden & Wells Toffee has developed over the years the best flavor with the right texture of its all natural products in a synchronized experience for even the most discriminating palates. Having nuts that are not integrated changes the flavor to have a more nutty taste at the expense of the toffee flavor. When both are mixed together it delivers a sweet nutty-buttery flavor that is simply delicious.

We hope that you will accept your purchase of our toffee as a delicious act of kindness from us to you, from our kitchen to your home, office, wedding, reception, convention, or that sweet indulgence you may give yourself.